Prisma Photo Effect on Android Phone and PhotoShop

What is Prisma photo effect?

Prisma photo effect is a type of photo effect applied on photos to make artistic photo. Prisma has gained a trend now on social media. It has come from from the prism. Prism is a type of glass that reflects lights and make separate colors. This also the same for Prisma photos, it add a nice effect on your photo. Continue reading “Prisma Photo Effect on Android Phone and PhotoShop”

3 ways to install WordPress

How to install WordPress?

Are you serious to learn about “how to install WordPress”? WordPress can be installed in different ways depending on your experience level. WordPress is the most popular CMS based platform for publishing blogs and websites. Major websites in the web are built in WordPress. It can be maintained easily and you can post and manage comfortably with visual dashboard, you do not require coding experience.

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