How I got Adsense Account Approved and How you can too

Adsense account approval is a big confusing and hard issue among the publishers. I was also in a hard work to get Adsense account approved. In this article I will explain the hard effort I had for Adsense approval which may help you getting your Adsense account approved too. There is no Adsense eligibility test tool, you have to determine if your site is compatible or not.

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Speed Optimization For WordPress Site Page Speed Insights

Why Page Speed Optimization is important?

A website page speed optimization is very important for both great user engagement and SEO. Visitors hate slow website and if webpages take much time to load they will leave your site before they can see your site. Search engines such as Google give higher ranks to fast loading and optimized site.

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Mozilla Firefox auto resend Confirmation automatically

Mozilla Firefox post data resend Confirmation solution

After searching a solution for Mozilla Firefox resend button escaping, I have got a frustration. Today, I will tell you how can you bypass the resend data warning by Mozilla Firefox browser.

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Master card for online purchase, get a free card and instant

Why a master card required today?

The master card is the most required financial wallet in today’s world. We need to purchase and pay online. But there is still some countries and regions in the world where getting master card is not easy and also cost high charges. For example, in my country Bangladesh, general people cannot obtain a credit/master/visa card. Only organizations, rich persons get visa and master card here and pay high charges. Sometimes this card holders suffer in different transaction limits.

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